Andre Costantini

 André Costantini is film maker, editor, photographer and musician and has also been known to write and perform.  He holds a BFA in photography and painting from Mason Gross School of the Arts.  In 1996 André co-formed Goldleaf and Big Daddy a performance duo where he wrote, sang and played the accordion. With panache for the bizarre, free association, pop music and the 80’s r, they performed regularly in NYC’s music venues. In 1998 Mr. Costantini photographed the restoration of DaVinci’s “Last Supper” in Milan with Eddie Adams, and was invited to join the Eddie Adam’s Workshop: “Barnstorm” as a staff member and where he currently participates.  In addition to working as a professional photographer, he also has taught classes on lighting, film making and technique and across America.  With his partner Michelle Brady, they founded the Catskills Photography Workshops in 2010, a training facility for the next generation of image makers.
Mr. Costantini has made several short films and has shot a variety of industrial and commercial work.  In the beginning of 2008, he was approached by Doc to Dock an NGO (part of the Clinton Global Initiative) and was commissioned to produce a series of short films in Africa on the organizations work providing much needed medical supplies with a focus on maternal heath care.  Later that year André was commissioned by Vincent Laforet to edit “Reverie,” the first film shot with the Canon 5D Mark II.  His recent work on Journalists in War, also chronically documented the truth and hardship to reflect the fragile humanity in a profession that constant been challenged by dedicated individuals who struggled throughout the recent history from Vietnam war to current Middle east conflict.
André Costantini is a long time collaborator of Burt Sun’s. Together they have been working together on culturally unique projects since first met in 1996, and spent eight years traveling around the globe to produce French photographer Frederic Brenner’s Jewish Diaspora project. The Diaspora project resulted in three published books, a Life magazine special, and a retrospective exhibit at the Brooklyn Museum of Fine Arts in 2003. The photo titled “a room with Yellow stars” dedicated to the Jewish Holocaust victims was featured on Vienna Opera’s Iron Curtain. Their collaboration continues in book publishing and the current documentary projects.

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